Friday, November 6, 2009

Do Malaysian Care

We have heard much about tour guide but we do not know much about their duties. All we know is just they are the person who lead the tourist to the interesting places in the country. Apart from given a glance of briefing about the  places they visit, tour guide is the person who wore smart dresses  basically batik shirt or perhaps plan sleeve - long or short. They are also the person who have huge knowledge in the place they cover.

Did you know tour guide is the small ambassador for the country? Yes, who care? Well, at least you said yes! To me, is better for us to know a few general information then did not know anything.  People will respect you if you have a knowledge even a few of knowledge . The more you know the better. The less you had the less friends will adopt you.

Tour guide is like a father to his son. If you give inaccurate information, you will see your son walk like a baby crab or more horrible the tourist will spit on your face. But If you being transparent to them they will respect you especially if you honestly telling them the truth about limitation in your bank of information. But be careful not all people have  a nice vision in this matter. So use your own creativity.

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