Sunday, November 8, 2009

TG Requirement (part 1)

    What is the requirement to become a tour guide in Malaysia? Indeed, you might be wondering this question before  otherwise you have to find out by your own self at Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and ask the officer in charge for further information. It highly cost you especially on time management but it is really worth you.
    If you are like me, who are reluctant to use conventional way to find some information which you can find through the internet easily, what can I say, you are so generous and smart person. Why was that? Don’t you realized you help our environment clean by not contributing more carbon dioxides from your own transport  just to find a single of information.
    Thank you for considering my thought! Therefore, again you are lucky one, see how easily you can find an information from this blog.  Don’t ever try to wasted you time or even your money because you have to save a lot of things especially your physical energy. You've got a lot of work to do in the future as soon as you get your valid licensed as a tour guide.
    Here you are a few and a simple guidelines and requirement for you to follow and fulfill if you have had decided to leave your existing jobs or perhaps, if you studied this course during your university or college nah its time to buggy.

  1. Minimum requirement to become a tour guide in Malaysia are, you must passed Basic Tourist Guide (BTG) examination held at Tourism Collage which recognized by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. (explore more information at The higher qualification you have the higher tourism certificate you will gain.
  2. You have to know and study more about the Malaysian culture including its economic, social, political, educational system, history and etc.
  3.  Since you are become the first impression of our nation, you have to practice the code of ethics as I mention earlier in my previous posted.
  4.  Even though batik's paten are belongs to Indonesian, you must have at least one batik shirt (Malaysia Batik) as it is become an official dress code for Malaysian Tour Guide.
  5. Your communication skills should be very good. For those who are lack of confident to speak in front of tourist like me, don’t worry life is a process of learning! So learn step by step. Remember the more confident you are the more respect you will get from your tourist.
  6. Those are only basic requirement for future tour guide, more details you can contact Tourism Malaysia Department  at 1-300-88-5050.

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