Friday, December 18, 2009

Meet & Greet Tourist

To become a tourist guide you must know how to greet your tourist. You have to learn from now how to treat them and get respect from them. You are the front liner and you should impress them. Once you let them down your will facing a big trouble along your tour. So remember first impression will last forever! Below is some guidelines for you to follow;

WELCOME of tourists is important task that all arriving tourists into Malaysia must be greeted and received in a proper manner. Before tourists arrived into KLIA, as a tourist guide you must gather all the relevant information pertaining to the arrival such as, group size, tour itinerary, group name list, name of the hotel to stay, Tour Leader and etc. 

You have to prepare a display card with key point information of the group to be used at the KLIA at the “meet and greet” time or, a banner will be used for special arrival. You have to arrive at least 45 minutes before the arrival time of group. Do not reach KLIA late because sometimes group may arrive early before the actual schedule time. On arrival at the airport, you have to wait at the international arrival gate to meet the group do not be shined with the display card.

Immediately, when tourists come out from the arrival hall, as a tourist guide, you must try to identify and make the first move rather than waiting for the foreign Tour Leader to look for you. First approaching in a good manner, warm smile with greetings will be important to make your duty as a professional tourist guide easily. Tourist must be felt welcome.

At the time of welcome “meet and greet”, you must always ensure to double check with Tour Leader, total passengers and ensure all tourists gather before proceeding to the coach. Ensure all luggages are in the tour luggage compartment, do a head count before coach takes off.

On the coach, as a tour guide you must introduce yourselves and also to greet the tourists with your every own welcome word “Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia” which means welcome to Malaysia once more as you may not have greeted some earlier. An introductory of your country beauty, do and don’t, general information and brief of the tour itinerary must be given to the tourists.

Tour guide should be very polite, friendly, helpful and pleasant to uphold the image of the profession and Malaysia.


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