Monday, December 28, 2009


Remember first impression will last forever! Being a tour guide or tour leader its like being a father to his daughter. You have to take care everything from A to Z and etc. Your position actually indicated your responsibilities.  The more you care the more you gain respect. The more you careless the more distrust on you.

Meanwhile, in this post i would like to share about how to handle luggage & arrange porters so that your tourist stop complaining about your performance to your agent.

Step 1.
Ensure that the group collects their own luggage (Make sure they leave nothing behind). Then check with the tour leader on any luggage abnormalities, any loss of luggage assist the tour leader in completing the airline-P.I.R. (Property Irregularity Report), if possible assist the tourist to convert their foreign currency to RM (Ringgit Malaysia) for purchase of toiletries ETC.

Step 2.
Count the number of luggage and confirm with the tour leader. Ensure the group does not leave behind any  hand luggage and advise the tour leader.

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