Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Entertainment Reservation

Normally before an entertainment reservation is made, tour guide have to consider and identify the venue, name & location of the entertainment outlets (example of entertainment: culture show, fashion show, circus, concert, casino & etc.), date, time, business hours and safeties of the area.

Beside that, tour guide also has to check on any public performance and any special request from the tourists (e.g. group photo, VIP seats & etc.). Tour guide need to have knowledge of the entertainment outlets too (e.g. location of the toilets, emergency escape door & etc).

Making A Reservation
During making an entertainment reservation, tour guide need to inform the relevant entertainment outlets the number of pax is coming, type of show, date, time, and any special request from tourists. After reservation has done, the tour guide needs to obtain the contact number and person incharge for reference.

Reconfirm A Reservation
Reconfirm the reservation by contacting the relevant outlets using telephone or fax machine so that everything is in order on the actual day.
Finally tour guide need to inform his/her tourists on any rules to go into the entertainment outlets. For example any restriction of age or religion and their dress code either to wear formal, casual or would it will be cold in the entertainment outlets.


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