Friday, February 12, 2010


In part 1, I gave some explaination what is tour itinerary all about. So in this post i would like to brief some of the itinerary (sepcificly meals arrangement) which tour guide should consider before start doing his/her guiding.

Tour Itinerary is very important to a tourists guide as it is provided a well-planned journey and actual schedule, which you have to follow when conducting your tour. From the itinerary, tour guide will know the duration of the tour, time arrangement of the places, places of interest, accommodations and meals arrangement required.

A good tour itinerary must be arrange in a proper and correct way to let the tourist able to have an enjoyable and memorable trip. So a tourist guide must study the itinerary properly, organize the visiting spots and relevant restaurants to ensure the tour goes smoothly. On the other hand, ensure that the itinerary has included all the visited spots as stated in the tour leader’s tour itinerary.

For meal arrangement, a tourist guide must have a list of restaurant’s and its contact number from the tour company. Basicly meal arrangement will have an optional as stated below:

 Full board, i.e. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

 Half board, i.e. one or two meal.

 On our own.

Beside that, tourist guide should know and study some of the information below:

I) Location of the restaurant.

II) Types of food available. It can be classify into halal, non-halal and vegetarian.

III) Form of serving such as set menu, Buffet, a-la cart and Tailor made (special arrangement).

IV) Types of restaurant setting and business hours.

V) Mode of payment. (Cash, credit card or valid voucher)

Last but not least, to arrange an appropriate meal reservation you must provide the following information to your preffer restourant:

 Date and preferred mealtime.

 Total number of tourists, in aggregate of adults and children.

 Any specification such as vegetarian, infant, etc.


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