Thursday, February 11, 2010


Tour itinerary is usually defined as an agreement or a “Black and White” between travel agency and customer or tourist agrees on visit to a destination on a specific date with arrangement. As a tourist guide receive an assignment from a tour company, he/ she must ensure the following information are available:

I) Arrival detail including the arrival point, airline, flight number, arrival date and arrival time.

II) Departure details such as the departure point, airline, flight number, departure date and departure time.

III) Coach details like coach number, driver’s name and his contact number.

IV) B Tour itinerary details including the duration of days on the visited country, list of places will visit, type of transportation going to use, type of Hotel to stay and type of meals.

In addition, a tourist guide must ensure the necessary documents are provided:

I) Visit list completed with name, sex, and date of the birth and passport detail.

II) Meal vouchers.

III) Hotel vouchers.

IV) Welcome banner.

V) Letter on visa upon arrival from Ministry Of Domestic Department. This document only applicable for those tourists travels on group visa basis.

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